Counselors need support too

Do you sometimes feel like our profession lacks support and networking opportunities? You are not alone, we did too! For that reason, we decided to change this by creating our very own networking group.

The idea to create a networking group formulated during lunch one day, as we three friends and colleagues confided to each other the struggles we have encountered since obtaining our LPC-Intern licenses. We all had found sites where we could provide counseling services in private practice settings, and we found ourselves asking similar questions.

We each shared our efforts to obtain clients and discovered that we each felt alone in this process, lacking support from colleagues in our profession. As recent graduates, we were perplexed. Why are we as counselors willing to help others, but not each other? Through further conversation, we realized quickly the importance in building professional relationships with our colleagues in order to obtain referrals, resources, and any other helpful information.

The task of developing our first event began on Facebook. We created a Facebook group page, SA Counselor Networking Group, and reached out to our peers and colleagues. The response was overwhelming! We had a vast amount of people interested in attending and being a part of our group. This response had us believe we were on to something…and also reiterated the need for these opportunities within our community.

This group was created in an effort to build professional and supportive relationships in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. The Facebook forum allows all members to post questions and needs, have access to referral lists, make seek support, and interact with others in the community. We have also recently added features such a job postings and a featured counselor of the week. Our goal is to have networking meetings open to counselors in the area so that we can (1) build a stronger referral list and (2) market ourselves within the community.

After our first networking event we have seen the counseling community come together and share resources, knowledge, and support. We have obtained a lot of invaluable information. Most importantly, we learned that we are not alone in this process.

If you are in the San Antonio and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to join our group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SAcounselorsnetworking/

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

-Tiffany Frias, MA, LPC-Intern; Tracy Cooper, MA, LPC; Virginia Gonzalez, MA, LPC


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Tiffany, Tracy, and Virginia,

    Parke Smith gave me the name of your support group and I am interested in becoming a member and attending your groups. My name is Trina Welz, LPC-S and I started a private practice last year. I focus on working with women who are diagnosed with depression, PTSD, and grief. Thanks for your time and for starting this amazing group!

    Trina Welz, LPC-S

  2. Hi guys! I love what you’re doing here. My name is Stephanie Adams and I’m a counselor in Dallas. I also run the social networking group/blog Beginning Counselor. I would love to share your group with my people to see if there’s anyone in San Antonio that might want to join you. Would you be interested in writing a little note for me to share with my group? Keep up the good work, and let me know how else I can support you!

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