Helpful Bits


Below are little bits we have found throughout the past week that you, our fellow counselors, might find helpful in some way. The photo above just made us smile.

An interview with an art therapist in Washington DC

This discussion about bullying with the author of this book.

Updated code of ethics for NBCC

This mindfulness video

A loving contemplation.

A really great personal article about self care

The senate passes the Violence Against Women Act.

Art in San Antonio

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Networking Event Success

We had another successful networking event! Thanks to all who attended and for sharing your personal means of self care and burn-out. Here are a few articles shared on self care and burnout:

Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue Assessment


The photo above was a part of this article,, which poses another interesting means of self-care.

If you were unable to attend this event, please share with us what you do for your own self care.

Remember to take care of YOU and we hope to see you at our next event!

Tiffany, Tracy & Virginia

Pilot Peer Group


We have found interaction with peers through our networking group to be an invaluable experience and would like to increase the interaction by creating a small peer group.

What is a small peer group? A small peer group is a closed group with 6 to 8 members that meet bi-weekly or monthly to discuss case consultations, marketing strategies, resources and more.

I am a member of a peer support group in Dallas. This group has been beneficial to me because it has provided me with consistent guidance and support from tenured counselors. Through participation in this peer group, I have learned about community agencies, employment opportunities, client and professional resources, helpful trainings, and marketing strategies.

An additional component of the peer support group, which has been important to my growth, is the discussion of case consultations. These discussions have provided me with a new perspective as well as potential interventions to be used.

Finally, we arrange for additional training as needed, which may include hiring professionals and or demonstrating interventions during our meetings. For instance, together we decided that ethics training was necessary; therefore, we hired a lawyer and debriefed on ethics, private practice forms, subpoenas, and more.

The SA Counselors Networking Group is planning to create a small peer group, which will start as a pilot group. The pilot group will allow for discussion of case consultations, marketing strategies, private practice questions, and more.

If interested in being a part of our pilot group, please email us at your name, title, and availability.

We hope to hear from you and have you as a member of our small peer support group!

Best Regards,

Tracy Cooper, MA, LPC-Intern

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