Interview with Linda McCune,M.S.,LPC-S

Part of the mission of our group is to provide support and knowledge to group members. It has been our pleasant experience to be able to learn something from every new professional we meet. And it was through these interactions that we realized just how much wisdom and support is actually out there. In honor of this, we have decided to post periodic interviews with other professionals in an effort to create a virtual mentorship of sorts.  We hope you enjoy.

New Picture Linda 2012

Linda McCune, M.S., LPC-S has a private practice in Dallas, TX and is the supervisor to our co-founder, Tracy Cooper, M.A., LPC-Intern. Linda provides counseling to couples,  individuals, families, and groups. Her areas of expertise are in Marriage Counseling, Anxiety Counseling, Grief and Loss Counseling, and Stress Management.
Throughout your journey as a counselor, what have you found to be the most rewarding experience?Seeing the positive impact that counseling can have for clients.  I feel honored to do this work.
What was your most difficult and valuable lesson you learned as an LPC-Intern? Learning good self-care.  During my internship, it was such a busy time and a time filled with a lot of challenges.  It created a real necessity to learn to tune in to what I needed and give myself permission to set limits in a healthy way.
Is there a specialty that you realized was not a good fit for you? If so, how did you know this? Hmm. . . this is a great question. I guess I haven’t encountered anything as for particular specialty areas that didn’t appeal to me.  For me I think if I can develop expertise and build a good base of knowledge, and it involves working with clients I’m pretty content.  That said however, I can think of areas that I don’t work in specifically (eating disorders, & addiction for example). 
Is there a specific training that you have found to be particularly great? Dancing Moose Productions Ethics course.  It has great info delivered in an entertaining and comedic fashion.   Also Dr. John Gottman’s trainings (very helpful for working with couples).
How long did it take before you had a steady flow of clients on a regular basis? Building a reliable client base took about one & a half to two years, during this time I had my counseling office and also did contract work and worked at a clinic.  It was a bit challenging (sometimes just knowing where to go each day) but I was blessed to have enough part-time work to support me while I built my practice. I also enjoyed getting to do a number of different things each day.
What is your preferred method of marketing and why? My website, hands down!  It gives you a space to communicate your theory of change and to give potential clients opportunity to evaluate whether you will be a good fit for them.

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