Happy Thoughts


During a recent search for positive affirmations on the internet, I came across this simple yet profound statement, “Think Happy. Be Happy.” This statement has stuck with me for weeks. The more I say, “Think Happy. Be Happy.” the more tangible this has become… I believe “happiness” found me. In other words, I have become more aware of things that make me happy such as a quote on my Lululemon bag, a workout at 5AM, and coffee.

What makes you happy?

The idea that to think something is to be something is relevant…It works! This may not be a new concept for you if you practice positive psychology. Nevertheless, we may encourage, practice and suggest this or similar ideas to clients while at times neglecting to take the time to do this for our self. Now, if you frequently practice positive self talk and or regularly maintain self care…I applaud you! For the rest of us that maybe struggle with this, I encourage you to “Think Happy. Be Happy.”

Let me know how this works for you…Did “happiness” find you?

Best Regards,

Tracy Cooper, MA, LPC-Intern


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