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I decided to start a website (insert excitement here)! Unfortunately, starting a website has been far less exciting than I thought and more overwhelming than anticipated. As a novice website builder, I was unaware of what was needed to start a website. Through research, I learned that I need a webhost, website design, and domain name. This is a lot to consider when starting a website; therefore, I thought I would document the process in hopes that you will have an easier time when creating your website.

Below are the steps needed to create a website:

  1. Find a webhost. Webhosting is where you keep your webpage. The purpose of having a webhost is to ensure that your website is available all the time, anytime.
  2. Create a domain name. A domain name is your website address. Here is an example of a domain name: It is recommended that you choose a domain name ending with .com as it is easier to locate on the internet.
  3. Pick a website design. Most website builder sites will include multiple options and templates.

In an effort to help you obtain your website needs, I have reviewed the following sites for webhost, domain name, and website design information:

  1. Catalyst Theme– offers website builder/design for $127 (onetime fee)
  2. TherapySites- offers website design and hosting for $59/month
  3. GoDaddy– offers domain names, hosting, and website design-prices vary due to different package options
  4. GoogleSites– offers pre-built templates for web design and hosting for FREE
  5. Wix– offers web design and hosting for FREE
  6. Bluehost– offers web hosting and domain names for $6.95/month
  7. Domain– offers domain names for $9.99

If you’re interested in what I chose, I decided to create my website through Wix and obtain a domain name through

If you are a LPC-Intern and are planning to create a website, the board has a few requirements that must be included. Here are the requirements for your consideration:

Rule 681.52 (e) All billing documents for services provided by an LPC Intern shall reflect that the LPC Intern holds a temporary license and is under supervision. On all advertisements, billings and announcements of counseling treatment by an LPC Intern, the intern’s name shall be followed by the name of the supervisor in the same type size and font.

Hope this information was helpful for you when creating your website. If you have already created a website and have tips to share we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading my blog post and happy website building!

Tracy Cooper, MA, LPC-Intern


7 thoughts on “Website building…

  1. Thanks For sharing Tracy!! I think interns would find this very helpful. Also, I would like to add vistaprint to the list. You can find anywhere from business cards to car magnets on there for a very reasonable price!! :)) Best of Luck to all interns reading this!! – Zulema Magana, LPC-S

  2. Thank you Tracy for this very informative piece! It is so nice to see so many new & existing professionals coming together to share resources & information. I am certain this will be helpful to many!

    • Thank you Janelle. We are happy to hear you found this blog post to be informative. We too enjoy the comradery obtained through our group and encourage you to invite your colleagues to share in the resources and information provided on our blog.

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