Busy Busy Busy


I came across this image the other day while I was avoiding all sorts of tasks by playing around on Pinterest. Needless to say it really struck a cord with me.  I can’t tell you how many times someone will ask me how I am and my answer is just “busy.” I say this, one because it is true, but also because of the message it sends to others. When I say “busy” what I mean is “look at me world, I am so productive!”  or “you can trust me because I get things done” or “I am valuable because I am a hard worker.”  Where have I gotten the message that busy means better?  And another question, how often are our clients living based on that same message?

In honor of not being busy, I am choosing to end this post with this moment of calm.

-Tiffany Frias, MA, LPC-Intern

(Image found at Minimalist Pretty)


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